Exhaust and Hinge Pins

Exhaust and Hinge Pins

I sent the y-pipe I got from Jerry Curtis to Stebro Priority Mail and they should have it in Ontario by early next week. I asked them to please have it done before the Christmas Holidays! I’m giving them every chance to redeem themselves, so let’s hope they don’t let me down!

Since the rest of the exhaust fit pretty well, I went ahead and painted them. Although it is December, it’s been extraordinarily warm in the Northeast, almost too warm. I certainly can’t complain, since I’m outside in short sleeves, painting car parts!

Waiting for the paint to dry, I realized how many interesting cars were parked in front of Francois’ shop today. Clockwise from left to right, is a 400i Automatic, a silver 275GTB long nose, a gray Series III 250GTE, and beautiful 365GTB4 Daytona coupe with extremely low miles.

I decided to address a sagging door problem I found on my car by first removing the door. I could seem to get the left door to align properly, and upon closer inspection, I found a lot of play in the hinges of the door. When I removed the hinge pins, I found one to be very worn. Taking some measurements, I found that a 8 mm pin would fit with just a little play in the hinge, but the worn pin measured 7.6 mm in some places! I’m pretty sure the original pin was 8 mm in diameter, but some wear in the hinge has worn it out to about 8.1mm in size.

I found a Grade 8 bolt slightly thicker than the hinge pin and began turning a new one. I’m going make it slightly oversize at about 8.1-8.2mm in size and see how it fits. Hopefully this will allow my door to be adjusted properly!

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