Bushings for the Suspension

Bushings for the Rear Suspension

I ordered a 12″X12″ sheet of 3/16th inch teflon to make some bushings from scratch. Partsource supposedly has them in stock, but in order to save some money, I’ll be making mine. These will replace the ones that disintegrated, and will last a lot longer because teflon is more durable. I needed to make a total of 16 bushings with two different I.D.s.

I borrowed a hole saw from work, and matched the closest SAE size to the metric one I’ll be replacing. The sizing is not crucial, so it’ll be “close enough for government work!”

The good news was I began reinstalling the right axle tube. A lot had to be prepared to get to this point from cleaning bolts, to painting parts, but having the axle tube bolted in place indicates I’m moving towards completing another project.

The plan for the next few weeks will be to finish the right side of the rear suspension, and move onto the left side. As much as I’d like to put the rear suspension behind me (pun intended), I need to replace the deteriorated bushings that I will inevitably find in the left leaf spring eyes. François recommends I complete the right side first before attempting to do the left side. This will save me from taking the drive shaft out. Unfortunately I will still have an assortment of seized bolts to contend with on the left side, but now that I’ve done it once, I have a plan of attack!

Jack Horner, a fellow Ferrari owner, stopped by for a visit with his 330GT 2+2. This picture was taken in back light so it doesn’t do a good job showing off the pretty color of this car, but as soon as Jack sends me the story behind his car, I’ll post better pictures of his car to the owner’s gallery! 

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