Suspension Re-Assembly

Suspension Re-Assembly

I started getting the pieces I would need to get the suspension back together. Here is one of the spring shackles greased and ready to go. Everything had to be checked and fitted together to make sure they all fit well together.

After a couple of hours of struggle, I finally got the leaf spring in! Unlike many American cars, and probably every other car in the world, Ferrari leaf springs have a slight tension to them even without anything attached! This required me to first install the leaf spring to the rear mount, then install the top locating arm. Using the locating arm as a guide for the leaf spring, I jacked the spring into place. While under tension, (the part that scared the hell out of me!) I stuck my hand in the spring mount ot position the front shackle and it’s associated bushings, plates and washers. It took a few tried to get everything in position so the bolts could be tapped into place, but eventually I got it all in.

Thinking I had just completed the hardest part, I began placing the various shackle parts together to install the rear axle housing to the the leaf springs. Francois came over to inspect my work, and I proudly showed him my accomplishment with leaf spring installation. He soon revealed the difficulties had just begun, and if I thought the leaf spring was hard, wait until I try to put the shackles in! He showed how the spring wants to bend, and yet the spacer and bottom plate are flat. Somehow the spring has to be positioned in place while keeping it as flat as possible. When these were installed at the factory, they had a special tool, but hopefully Francois will have a plan. Too beat up from part one of the spring installation, I called it a day!

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