Daytona Disaster

Daytona Disaster

One of the many cool things about working at Francois’ shop is to see the variety of work that comes in. Last week, a 365GTB/4 came in with a seized engine. Evidently, an oil line blew, and the engine lost oil pressure. Not having enough oil pressure to the crank overheated the main bearings, and seized the crank. If you look carefully at this picture, you can see how hot the crank got from the “bluing” on the counter balances. This crank is toast!

Looking at these pictures is kind of like slowing down at the scene of an accident. It’s not something we want to look at, but I can’t stop looking! The bearings got so hot that they fused to the crank journals. You can even see melted “white metal” on the right main bearing. Saying that these journals are scored is an understatement!

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