Garvey Update IV

Garvey Update IV

It’s been at least six months since I mentioned Scott Garvey’s car. Well it’s doing fine. Francois has finished the engine, and is in the process of tuning the engine. Since Scott is overseas, Francois can take his time to make sure the car is in perfect running conditon. The engine was done a few months ago, but we’ve been waiting for some clear weather and for the salt to wash off the Connecticut roads to put some mileage on the car. Getting a V-12 in tune takes a few hundred miles to get perfect. This tuning doesn’t just involve  the engine, but electrics tend to get cantankerous, and brakes get sticky. The more you drive a car that has been dormant, the better it gets.

I convinced Francois to take the car out for a spin so I could give you guys a movie to watch.  It still needs some tuning, and it seems to backfire through the “muffler shop” exhaust, so Francois is reluctant to do the final tuning until the correct exhaust is hung. Doing all the adjustments on an exhaust that will change would be a moot point.

She sounds great, and drives well. There doesn’t seem to be any drive line vibrations, and is a solid old girl. Scott’s going to love this car!

I thought it might inspire you to get your old car out on the road for a nice drive on a Spring day! It doesn’t have to be a Ferrari to enjoy driving an old car on the road, just the appreciation for a nice day for a drive.

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