Buffing on a Slow Day

Buffing on a Slow Day

Once in a while I think it’s O.K. to have a slow day. My day job sapped a lot of my energy for a productive day on the Ferrari, so I only got a few things done. I’m also trying to get my Mustang and Sunbeam out of their winter hibernation, so that takes away from the Ferrari as well!

A nice easy project for me today was to get the hood pad trim strips in shape. As you can see from this picture, they’re pretty nicked up, and dirty.

These strips will mount on the underside of the hood supporting the quilted insulating pad. Here’s a picture of one on a GTE SN4247.

After starting with 320 grit sandpaper, I went to 600, and finally 1500 grit, which will look like the top piece. After some buffing, it will polish up very nicely to look like the bottom strip. Whenever I saw fine scratches after the buffing, I took some 1500 grit paper, and sanded the area again, and buffed it some more. Eventually, the aluminum starts looking like a mirror, and you can really feel like you’ve accomplished something!

I spent the rest of the day working on my ’65 Mustang. I had to take the door panel apart to fix the window mechanism. A $0.95 cent part broke, making my window crooked as I tried to wind them up.  I thought about taking some pictures of the process, but I think most of you are more interested in Ferraris than Mustangs!

Stuff for Sale!

Since I’m closing the chapter on the wheels now that I have five newly mounted wheels and tires for my car, it’s also time to clear out some space. When I bought my car, it had a set of wire wheels they used to paint the car with. Two of them are Borranis, and two are of another type, perhaps Jaguar wheels. I’m thinking about selling the Borannis since I really don’t have any use for them anymore. They definitely need restoring, but the splines are in good shape. If you are interested in buying these two wheels, I can take the tires and wheels off.

The number reads: 15X7L RW 3812 RECORD

The center hubs are in good condition with good splines. The alloy wheels rim are pretty pitted, but will probably polish up very nicely.

Again, definitely in need of restoration, but a good start if you don’t have wheels.

E-mail me, and make me an offer. If I don’t get any takers, I may put them on E-bay, but I’d like you guys to get first shot at them!


You may remember I had my knock offs rechromed by Cork Adams at Precision Wire Wheels. Well, Partsource found a set of NEW Boranni Knockoffs while I was contemplating (no pun intended) rechroming mine. If you’re knock offs are too banged up to rechrome, or you want a set of new knockoffs for the show season, give Geof at Partsource a call 207-236-9791. Tell him I told you about them, and he might even give you a break on the price! I guarantee they’ll be cheaper than anywhere else.

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