Bracket Holding Me Back

Bracket Holding me Back

I stopped by local metal shop to see if I could buy some scrap metal to fabricate an alternator bracket. As we discussed how I was going to cut the 1/4 steel plate, we decided it would be a lot quicker to have the shop do it for me rather try it with a jig-saw. Steve, the owner, decided to use a torch instead of a plasma cutter because he felt he could follow my template better.

The torch left a very rough cut out of the shape I wanted, but it saved me ton of time getting the shape I wanted. I purposely made the bracket oversize to give me plenty of room to play. Steve also used his punch to press out the slot for the alternator belt adjustment.

I took the rough bracket to my shop and began working the bracket to fit. It’s pretty tricky to get it to fit just right. The bracket pivots, and slides as the alternator takes up the tension in the belt, so material has to be removed slowly for a perfect fit. It may look like hell right now, but after I get everything to fit right, I’ll do the final finishing, and it’ll look much better.

A lot of the day was spent running errands, and getting the bracket fabricated. The fitting and trimming took much of my afternoon, and it still needs work. After I get it to fit, I’ll need to go to the auto parts store to find a suitable length fan belt. After that, THE ENGINE STARTS!

I’m just as disappointed as you are that the engine hasn’t started this week, but trust me, we’re getting closer and closer! I’ve got one more Friday to try and get it started before I take a long weekend away, so it’s either going to be next week, or we’ll all have to wait two weeks to try again! Keep your fingers crossed!

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