Keeping Busy in Wait for the Big Day

Keeping Busy in Wait for the Big Day

As I said earlier in the week, François’ busy this week working on his customer’s cars getting them ready for the Greenwich Connecticut Concours, so I spent a leisurely day cleaning up the alternator bracket. If you’re looking for start up news, you’ll have to wait a little longer!

The bracket I fabricated a couple of weeks ago works great, but it sure was ugly! Since I had some time on my hands, I brought my alternator bracket to my friend John’s shop to do some finishing work.

John’s shop has all the right tools for this kind of work, so making the bracket pretty was easy! I first used his upright belt sander to smooth the radii of the bracket. After that, I sanded the face of the bracket with a soft pad circular sander. The next step was to sand the edges of the bracket to break all the sharp edges. Once all the sanding was done, and I was happy with the overall shape, I placed the bracket in a blasting cabinet, and sandblasted it to a uniform finish. The picture above is how it looked just as it came out of the blast cabinet.

After a few coats of primer and black paint, it’ll look right at home in a Ferrari engine compartment!

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