Hood Bumpers

Hood Bumpers

I bought the “Silly Putty” for the hood bumpers. Setting them where the hood bumpers will mount gives me accurate measurements for how thick the bumpers should be cut. Sure you could use clay, or “Play-Doh,” but they eventually dry out. “Silly Putty” is a polymer, so it will always be this pliable.

Most of the bumpers were fine in height, but some had to be sanded down a bit on the bottom for a better fit.

I mounted the hood bumpers with oval head flat sheet metal screws with a trim washer just like they were originally mounted. The detailing for the hood is just about complete.

I wanted to install the needles and seats today, but François felt that having my car sit over the winter with these new seats without regular driving will cause them to leak again. Although the chance of this happening is small, there’s no reason to risk it, so I will wait. Although I plan on driving the car as soon as possible, I hope François doesn’t know something I don’t know!

I continued to install the lower trim piece that screws below the rocker panels. The right side required a little more work because someone screwed right through the trim piece instead of using the blind fasteners. I decided to use blind fasteners, and bondo in the holes that were made. These strips will be painted flat black, so they will look fine when it’s all done.

Since I forgot to take pictures of the work I did on the right side, here’s the picture of the left side, flipped in “Photoshop” so you can imagine what I did. With the body filler sanded, it looks very similar to this picture!

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