A New Relay

A New Relay

My problems with the Lucas relay for my overdrive did not go without offers for help. Many of you shared your Lucas stories, and gave me advice on what to do. One such person was Rick Moseley in California. Rick is a computer guy, but works on automotive electrics as a side job. He’s also worked on some Ferrari wiring, and explained why the Lucas relay was prone to failure.

The metal can of the Lucas relay is not sealed very well, and with age, this seal from the elements only gets worse. As the relay passes current, the internals heat up, and when the overdrive is turned off, the relay cools. This cooling pulls air and moisture in from the outside of the relay, and the internals begin to corrode. Rick told me about a Ferrari Boxer that had an appetite for fuel pump relays until he replaced the original type relay with one made by Hella. Now the owner no longer has to go for that annual relay replacement!

Rick had a spare 40 amp relay that he mailed out to me last week, and I got it today. It came complete with a socket and spade connectors. I’ve decided to follow Rick’s advice and replace the poorly designed English relay with a modern replacement much more capable for the job. True, it will deviate from what originally came with the car, but I believe it will make it a more reliable driver, and not necessarily detract from the value of the car. Thanks Rick!

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