Seatbelt II

Seatbelt II

I received another order from Andover Restraints and was very disappointed. The last order I placed came without the b-pillar mounting points, but when I called to see why, they explained that they didn’t sell the b-pillar mounts outside of their “kits!” I was pretty angry they didn’t tell me this before I placed my first order! Looking at having $80 dollars of seat belts that was useless without B-pillar mounts, I decided to order two  non retractable “kits” with another retractor so I could piece two complete retractable set ups for my car, but when the order came, I found another problem. The first seat belt buckle that they sold me separately isn’t the same seat belt buckle that comes with the three point kit! The one pictured in the top of the picture is the one that comes with the three point fixed belt, and the buckle in the bottom of the picture is one that is sold separately. I like the buckle on the bottom, and want two of those for my car, but the two that came with the “kit” are the ones on the top of the picture. Personally, I think the top buckle is pretty ugly, so now, I have to place another order to buy one more buckle to match the one below.

The bottom part of the picture shows a problem first discussed on the message board. The B-pillar mount is not the prettiest piece of hardware. There’s a plastic cover for the bracket, but no cover for the bolt. I wasn’t too concerned with this issue because I can fabricate a cover out of aluminum, or maybe even cover this part with leather that matches the seats. We’ll cross that bridge when I come to it!

In summary, I wouldn’t recommend using Andover unless you’re willing to use their products as they are offered. Some of the hardware is attractive, but some are pretty ugly, and they are pretty inflexible in helping make their product line work of you. Unfortunately, I’m pretty far into this order for me to return everything and start with a new supplier. They will also charge me with a “re-stocking fee” to add insult to injury, so I must push on through. Stay tuned!

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