Seatbelt IV

Seatbelt IV

When I got the package in the mail from Doran Manufacturing, I couldn’t wait to see how the seatbelt anchors turned out. I was more than satisfied with the work! I guess only guys like us can get really excited over a couple of pieces of metal! I don’t think Pininfarina made anything this precise when building the bodies on these cars!

The edges are so clean and sharp, it’s a wonder they were cut with a laser! The welding is also done with the highest of precision. I’m almost embarrassed to think of what I could have made with a hacksaw, a hammer,  and a bench vise!

I decided to use two mounting points for the belts because the bracket you use with one mounting point is kind of ugly. Having two points hides everything flush with only the bolt holes showing through the carpeting. This also spreads the load of the seatbelt over a larger area in case there is an accident.

The first thing I did today was to see how these brackets would fit. Mike made a set of templates out of the same sized steel plate so I could use them to guide my drill. The holes in the plate show me where the center of the nuts will be so I can cut the holes.

Needless to say, the plates fit perfectly.

If you’re wondering what the hell is all that yellow crap on the floor of the car, it’s the seat foam slowly crumbling away.

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