Ferrari Mystery Part IV

Ferrari Mystery Part IV

Here are some of the correct answers to last week’s part!

It’s the timing chain tensioner. Kerry

Hmm, it’s clearly a cam chain tensioner assembly, but it’s not from the 330
engine (end nut is too small).  I’ll need to dig a little and make a guess.
Btw, mine was painted silver.  I know as I had to heat it in the oven to get
it apart, and the paint blistered.  Other items on the engine are painted
silver also, so it didn’t surprise me.  Jon

I am no Ferrari restorer (I�ll stick to my MG), but I would have to say that this looks like a timing chain sprocket and tensioner. Mike

That’s a tensioner for timing chain. Taro

This is the timingchain tensioner Morten

This Installment of Vintage Ferrari Mystery Part may be interesting. Kerry Chesbro sent me some pictures of parts that he has yet to identify that came with his 250 Pininfarina Coupe, so these are truly Mystery Parts! Can you identify them and help Kerry sort them for his restoration of the PF Coupe?

Here’s the first part:

E-mail me with your answer, and I guess a consensus will be the right answer, because I have no idea either!

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