All About Foam II, and Ferrari Mystery Part VI

All About Foam II, Mystery Part VII

I got the samples from this week, and it seems to be EXACTLY what I’m looking for! The medium weight has the same resiliency as the original foam rubber in my seats, and would work great. Now the problem was getting some for my seats! The people who sent me the samples only sell mattresses, and they’re 3 inches thick like the samples. Although I could glue two layers of foam to make up the thickness, I didn’t really want to buy and ship a mattress from across the country just to cut it up for my seats!

I tried calling in Connecticut, and I reached a product manager at the factory. Ray explained that Latex Foam IS what was in my seats, and the real reason why it’s not really manufactured anymore is because it’s more expensive to make than the urethane foams more commonly available. Unfortunately, company policy wouldn’t allow me to buy factory direct, so they referred me to a company in Queens that carries their line of foam.

The company in Queens had only mattresses, but could sell me a twin sized mattress for about $200 bucks. I would need a re-seller’s ID number, and cash, to pick up the mattress at their warehouse, so I’m going to see if “East Coast Trim” can help.

Ferrari Mystery VI

The closest answer was from Morten:
Push-Knob assembly in door handle

Kerry sent this in to explain last week’s Mystery Ferrari Part:

I don’t know if anyone figured it out, but I did.  I was right when I
thought that they were part of a lock, the trunk lock in this case.  The
spring goes inside to return the push button while the cast piece becomes
the nut to hold the lock to the trunk.  The screw and pin are parts of the
lock while the long piece becomes the turning mechanism.  I still have to
find whatever screws onto the end (probably the actuator that unlatches the

The reason I was confused was that I had put the trunk push button as part
of the door lock while having the door lock not quite fitting into the trunk
lock.  When I took another look, I got the right parts together.

Regards, Kerry

Mystery Ferrari Part VII

Here’s an easy one. Email me for your guesses!

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