Suggestions for a Seal

Suggestions for a Seal

With my recent tear down of my transmission cover, I want to replace this seal that goes on the shifter. It mounts to the transmission tunnel, and should have a 5/8 inch hole for the shifter lever. It will not be visible because the shifter will have a leather boot that covers this area inside the car. I found “Metro Molded Parts” in MN has something that could work, but they no longer sell retail, and their retail sales affiliate can get it 4-6 weeks after Metro custom makes the part!?! I’m looking to you for help. If anyone can find a suitable replacement for this part, please e-mail me. Remember, it has to have some kind of “give” so the shifter can move. Bellows, or a domed piece like this one that is pictured will do fine. 

With the help of the “Scenic Department” at work, Barbara matched some paint exactly to the leather on the car. The bottom piece is a piece of my leather, and the speaker grille and fresh air vent were painted to match. I bought a beige oil based enamel, and it was then tinted to match my color exactly. It took a few tests to get the paint to dry to the correct color. It was amazing how much the paint darkened when it dried. 

I originally wanted to get these parts spray painted, but Barbara insured me that she could do just as good with a brush. I should have never doubted her, because the pieces look great. We gave them a semi gloss finish, similar to the leather.

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