Grille VIII

Grille VIII

A lot of you may have been wondering what’s been going on with the grille to my 330 America, but rest assured, progress is being made! I met with Mike Sewell, the person who took on the job of helping me fabricate the grille from scratch, to pick the parts that need polishing.

Mike has been through a time of transition with the company that previously cut the parts of the grille. Doran is going through a phase of down sizing, and Mike decided that it was time to make a change to another sheet metal fabrication facility called Westport Precision. Mike, however, remained dedicated to the grille project, and still managed to get all the pieces fabricated before leaving Doran, and even found someone to weld the grille shell together!

The aluminum welds are nice and neat, but will need some finishing to match the surrounding grille shell. The ferrari factory had similar welds on their grilles, and were also cleaned up and polished until they are barely visible.

My job will now be to grind and sand these welds smooth, and fit the grille together before final polishing. When I get some time between my interior work, I’ll get to work on the grille!

I want to thank Mike again for staying with this project even with the turmoil of a job change. Without his dedication, I wouldn’t have a chance to sport a new grille for my car!

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