Cumberland Road Rally

Cumberland Road Rally

This weekend, I attended a road rally with a friend of mine held in Cumberland Maryland. It was the second annual event which was a ton of fun despite the rain that fell for most of the Saturday car show. Information can be found at:

The Sunday rally took us, and Yale’s 330 GT 2+2, through some great back roads in Maryland, and West Virginia. It was our first rally, so neither one of us wanted to get too involved with timing, and calculating average times and distances. We were in it for the scenery, and the chance to take an old Ferrari through her paces.

We had the only Ferrari, let alone Italian car at the show, and as you can see, the mix of cars was broad. This might have been the first time in history a souped up Chevy Cavalier, a plastic Cobra, and Toyota Corona were lined up with a ’64 Ferrari in a Rally!

The car performed flawlessly through the whole weekend traveling five hours each way from NYC, and the 100 miles of road rally. Every time I get back in Yale’s car, she seems to get better with the mileage. The 4 liter V-12 has so much power that you can pull away from every gear. I loved to keep her at a slow boil at about 3200 rpm ready to mash the gas and pull all the way past 6000. The sound was just great, but I almost wished I was standing at the side of the road to hear every one of those blasts of the throttle!

That 330 proves that old Ferraris like to be used regularly, and respond well to diligent maintenance. Let’s hope mine will be ready soon to tear up those back roads along with her younger sister soon!

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