More Upholstery, but no Pictures!

More Upholstery but no Pictures!

I forgot my camera today when I went up to the shop, so there will be no new pictures today! Considering how much I rely on photos to describe my work, you’ll have to use your imagination, and some old pictures!

The two bottom cushions for the front seats are basically done. I didn’t permanently attach the seat covers to the frame because Frank wants to align the vertical pleats with the ones on the seat cushions. Once the hinge mechanism attaches the seat back and the seat cushion, we’ll be able to slide the pleats left or right ever so slightly so the two cushions line up. These are the little details that Frank pays close attention to, and now I will be looking for in all other Ferrari seats!

I had to sit the two seat cushions side by side (pretend there are two cushions in this picture), and make sure they were the same height as I built the second one since the tension of the material dictates how thick the seat cushion sits on the frame. It was easier to do the first one because I was pulling the leather until it looked right. With the second one, I had to match the first one precisely.

After the seat bottom was done, I moved onto the seat back. I had one more to fit, and it required a lot of fitting. Since the seat backs had foam made from scratch, there was a lot more fitting involved than the seat cushions where the foam was original. It was not fun struggling with the leather and fitting it onto the frame several times to check for fit on this hot and humid day!  By the end of the day, I got a good fit, but the final fitting would have to wait until next time. It was 6:30, and I was beat. There will always be next time!

For those of you starved for visual stimulation, here are some shots of the Ferrari event at Lime Rock Racetrack in Connecticut. It was a beautiful day last Saturday, and good to see, and hear some Ferraris on the track.

Here are a couple of SWBs waiting to go out.

I believe this is a 340MM. Beautiful car. Nice detailing

I love these old race car interiors. They’re so simple, and yet elegant. If my 330 America were this simple, I would have been done with my interior months ago!

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