Upholstery XV

Upholstery XV: Second Completed Seat

I assembled the driver’s side seat today, and I tried to figure out what this knob did. A web viewer contacted me to ask, and I couldn’t answer his question about this knob! It turns out, Colin is restoring a Volvo P1800, and certain cars have the exact same recliners. I wonder if the bolt spacing is the same because this would be a great source if our Ferrari recliners are too beat up or pitted to be useful.

The little knob turns to three detent positions that moves this mechanism with the small spring, but I haven’t been able to see a change in the seat in any of the position. If I had to guess, I would say it’s a recline limiter so the seat could be folded forward, and return to one of three positions, but I haven’t been able to see a change. If you know what this little knob does, please let me know. You can post it ot the message board so everyone can learn this little mystery!

Well, I finished the second seat! Not bad for an amateur with some professional guidance! I almost did the whole second seat without asking Frank for advice. There were still plenty of issues that required me to take the leather cover off several times. I think with this one, I had the cover off at least five times, and had to remove all the hog rings twice! What happens is it is very difficult to see a problem until the leather cover is stretched and hog ringed in place. No cushion is perfect, so there will be certain areas that need just a little extra stuffing to fill in the loose leather. Sometimes it’s in a place that is not accessible without pulling the cover off. Those are the times I want to give up, but I just plow through, and after 6-1/2 hours for this one seat, I have two completed seats that are (largely) wrinkle free and near perfect!

Next time, it’s time to tackle the rear seats!

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