Speaking of Barn Finds

Speaking of Barn Finds

I’ve been spending my weekends looking for a weekend home, and I came across this Oldsmobile 98 convertible in a barn. The property was real neat, but not for me. One obvious requirement for my future home is a place to store my cars, and to finally have my own shop to work on my projects. This property had a 2500+ square foot Victorian house needing more than a gut out renovation, and a two story barn sitting on a two acre piece of land. The barn was once a factory of some sort where the owners lived in the house, but all the buildings had fallen into disrepair. It looks like the current owner bought this house with dreams of fixing it up, but is giving up. I don’t blame them for giving up on the house, but the barn was really cool! It had thick and wide floor beams strong enough to support this car, and the second floor was just as sturdy. The barn seemed more weather proof than the house!

Think how fun this car could be driving with the top down, resting your right arm on the seat back, palming the steering wheel as you navigate through town! 

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