Back From Monterey

Back From Monterey

Well I missed the Power Failure in the Northeastern United States by leaving eight hours before it all happened! By the time I returned to NY on Sunday evening, all normalcy had returned to my beloved city, so it survived well without me! My trip to Monterey was great! I met a whole bunch of you out there, and hope I can remember all the faces that I can now match to names on the message board, and in e-mails! Thursday night’s get together was a huge success where more than three people showed up. In fact, I think more than 20 people came to share in drinks, introductions, and talk about old Ferraris!

I tried my best to stick myself into all the conversations so not to miss anything, so I caught topics about Deborah Wilson’s 330 America, overheating cures, electrical fixes for my overdrive, and the politics involving Concorso Italiano, and Quail Lodge. There were so many different groups sharing information that, I wish I had handed out tape recorders to catch what I couldn’t hear! At the end of the evening, Jens Paulsen (he rebuilt Bill Rose’s 365 engine) stopped by when there were only a few of us left, and had a nice quiet talk about his history and Ferrari Engine rebuilds. I know Jens doesn’t have a computer, but if anyone talks to him, please let him know I was honored to have him stop by to see us!

The rest of the weekend was filled with more car viewing than you can imagine. I started with a quick viewing of all the cars offered at the R&M Auctions at the Doubletree Hotel. I’m not going to label all the cars, and if you want to help out, feel free to name them in the Message Board, but the photographs are really here for their aesthetic appeal. I focused on the beauty in their lines, and their design. This Lamborghini is a good example of a graceful line and nice execution. There’s a fluidity that moves my eye in this area. Too bad it seems to fall apart with the headlights! (just my opinion) I didn’t picture the bad points because these pictures are about beauty, and not criticism!

The rear of this car is just as sweet as the curvaceous forward section.

This Ferrari had an immaculate interior. I should know considering how long I’ve been working on mine!

The post-it on the dash made me smile. You know you’ve got an old car when you have starting instructions! I know I could fill at least the same sized post-it for each of my three cars at home!

A Pegaso, if I’m not mistaken. Look at that line!!!! What more is there to say?

The interior is just as elegant, and beautiful!

Bugatti was featured out in Monterey this weekend, so I saw more Bugs here than any where else! Although they’re more out of reach to me than a Lusso, I get that same longing in my heart when I see these beautiful cars!

Speaking of Lussos, here’s three of them. Hoffman’s is the silver one, and James owns the one on the right. I didn’t get to meet the owner of the one in the center. This was at Concorso Italiano held at “Blackhorse” a golf course outside of Monterey. Although we had these three Lussos parked together, other Ferrari owners were not so lucky. The “non-jugded” Ferraris were parked without any order, leaving Vintage cars interspersed with newer cars. This made it very difficult for people like me who wanted to make comparisons between specific models.

After a full day at Concorso, we headed over to Quail Lodge to see the Bonhams Auction. This beautiful special bodied 330 GTC sold for more than $300K!

This car used many design elements from other Pininfarina models including 365GT 2+2 tail lights, Dinoesque c-pillars, and 365GTC nose.

Although I didn’t see the show at Quail lodge, I managed to see what Tom Shaughnessy brought to the show as he was loading them onto his truck a the end of the day. Now there’s a grille that needs rebuilding!

Pictures from Pebble Beach are coming up!

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