More Floor

More Floor

I did a lot of running around today, but managed to get a few hours of work done in between at the upholstery shop. I first had to stop by another “Lowes” home improvement store to buy more insulation. Along with two more rolls of Duct Insulation, I also  picked up a roll of “Peel and Seal.” This is an aluminum foil backed tar product that is very sticky. It’s thinner than the foam insulation, but does a great job sealing and sticking to the sheet metal.

I made quick work of covering the driver’s side rear seat area, and…

the driver’s compartment. I’m going to pay special attention to both foot wells because this is the source of some major heat in these cars. The exhaust headers and y-pipes run along both sides of the car, and radiate a lot of heat into the passenger compartment. I may even double the layer of insulation if I have extra!

With all this foil everywhere, the aliens will never be able to read my mind when I’m driving my Ferrari!

I had to strip another vent for the interior of the car. This one goes up under the driver’s foot well and brings in fresh air. There will be carpeting surrounding this vent so I will have to paint it another color. The original color of the carpet matched the light tan color of the leather seats but since I’m going with a slightly darker cinnamon color, I will have to change the color of this vent. It’s not a vent that is easily seen without sticking one’s head up by the pedals, but I will know the color of the vent matches the carpet!

Paint stripper was the best method of removal. I first tried sand blasting, but it was slow going. The stripper took both the paint and green phosphate primer right off. I sandblasted the surface when all the paint was removed so the paint would stick better. 

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