Garage with an Attached House

A Garage with an Attached House

After over four months of searching and negotiating, we finally closed on a house in Claverack, NY. On a website dedicated to the restoration of a Vintage Ferrari, the pertinent details would be the garage, so here are the pictures!

This is the view of the garage from the entry though the garage door. It has a one car garage door leading into the basement of the house so there is plenty of room to build a work area. The trick here is to figure out how to fit my three cars past the support beams! Eventually, I want to install a steel support beam to span the length of the house to get rid of all the beams and make it a clear floor plan, but for now there will have to be some creative maneuvering of my cars to get them in.

To the left of the garage door are the furnace and hot water tank. I plan to wall some of this off just in case there are some fumes from the cars.

Past the house’s mechanicals is this wall where I can put some work benches along the wall.

This is the view of the basement looking back at the garage door. The door is obscured by the stairs, and some of the shelves that I plan to remove so I can make some more room to move the cars around.

Although these pictures were taken with a wide angle lens so there is an illusion of more space,  I still have plenty of room to make a nice little shop. If I can squeeze in the Mustang, Alpine, and Ferrari, in the center of the basement, the perimeter will be my shop where I’ll build my work benches. Building this shop will almost be as exciting as working on my Ferrari!

O.K., and if you really care what the rest of the house looks like, here’s the front.

Here’s the side of the house with the garage door leading into the basement.

The back of the house has an extension that added another 1200 square feet to the original 1200, making a total of about 2400 Sq/Ft of living space. The house sits on 5 acres of land which is mostly wooded, but should provide me with some land to build perhaps an out building for my ultimate shop, but for now, I should be fine with what I’ve got!

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