Garage I

Garage I

I spent most of Saturday moving my tools and car parts to their new home with the help of a couple of friends (Thanks guys!) The first car was parked inside my garage, but I’m a little concerned. I realize that having  an oil fired burner inside a garage is not very safe, especially with old cars. The hot water is heated by the furnace, so one source of ignition is eliminated, but it still leaves me the dilemma of what to do with the furnace.

The furnace sits to the left of the garage door at the bottom of the stairs, and I’m working on a plan to isolate this area from the rest of the basement. For now, I moved the Mustang as far back from the furnace as I could without using my jack, and am crossing my fingers until I can make the area safe.

I’m hoping I can get some help from you guys out there. I’ve already gotten some good ideas on how to isolate the furnace, but am always looking for more advice! Just like my Ferrari restoration, I would love to try doing some of this work myself, but will hire someone if it is beyond my abilities. You can imagine, after buying this house, money is a little tight, so anywhere I can save a buck or two will be good!

I borrowed François’ truck for the weekend to move some furniture, and my shop tools. I GOTTA GET ME ONE OF THESE! His truck is a Ford F250 4WD and looks great in front of my house! With hunting season in full swing and the sound of gunfire in the distance, this truck fits right in!

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