Picked Up the Pickup

Picked up the Pickup

I got my registration and license plates for my new truck on Friday, so I went out to New Jersey to get my new truck today! She ran great on the highway with no rattles or vibration.

I drove the truck to Frank’s upholstery shop to keep it there for a week before I complete the second leg of the trip up to the house. Looking at her from this angle, that cap sure is big and ugly! I may keep it through the winter, but may get rid of it in the Spring when I start moving topsoil!

While the truck is at the upholstery shop, I’m going to try repairing a small tear on the driver’s seat. You can just see it with the arrow at the bottom of the picture. Frank has a ton of material, and is confident he can find a close replacement to patch the tear. It will be my job to remove the seat, take the cover off, and reinstall it after Frank does the sewing.

The front seats on this truck are very comfortable captain’s chairs with a large center console. Since it’s a super cab, there’s plenty of room behind the rear seats to recline the front seats to a comfortable driving position.

The rear bench will come in handy just in case I need the truck to haul my family around, There are seat belts for the baby seat, and the bench folds down for groceries that you don’t want to stick out back in the bed of the truck. Just think what we can bring home from the garage sales in the Spring!

I’m almost as excited about this truck as I am about my Ferrari!

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