Door Pull Position

Door Pull Position

Last week I mentioned that I had a question on how the door pulls should be oriented. Well of the 50/50 chance of getting it right, I think I chose wrong! Here’s how it happened.

Both of my door pulls were torn off my original panels, so I didn’t have anything for reference. I took pictures of Michael Greenspan’s 330 America, #4969, before he bought it in California, and when I was looking for pictures of the door pulls, I found this one. It’s the right door panel, and from this angle it looks like it is angled towards the front of the car. When comparing to the pocket in this picture, it looks like it is oriented in the opposite direction, so I mounted my tabs accordingly.

Then yesterday, I received an e-mail from Frank Botti, the owner of 330 America, #5027, with this picture of his right door panel. The tab is oriented forward as well, but look at the pocket. The pocket is slanting in the same direction as the pull tab! In the picture of #4969, the angle of the picture deceives us into seeing the pocket going the opposite way!

I guess I’ll have to take the door pocket off AGAIN!!

Another interesting observation is the scuff marks found on Frank’s door panels on the top edge of the pocket. Many GTEs and 330 Americas have this problem, and it is from the door panel rubbing against the side of the front seats. The pocket edge lines up with the screws on the seat back, and when the seat is adjusted or moved forward with the door closed, the leather gets scuffed. It’s just another thing to be anal about when you take passengers in the car!

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