Armrests, and Carpets

Armrests and Carpets

I finally began covering the armrests today. I only took one of them apart at a time and covered it using the old one as a guide. This would help tell me how high the seam, or piping, should lay on the armrest. Here’s one of the rear armrests finished, and mounted, ready to go back into the car. With the rear armrests done, I can now start working on the seat belt mounts!

The front armrests are a little more complicated. At first glance, they look easy, but on closer inspection, they have a very complex shape. It really helped to have the old one there for guidance. Isn’t it amazing the difference in the color of the leather? At one time the old armrest was the same Connolly color as the new armrest!

I also began fitting some of the carpet that was finished with binding by Frank. The chalk on the piece seen in the lower right is a message from Frank for me to check the fit. There was a question on that piece when he was sewing the binding, but it will work fine when it’s fitted to the to the car. It seems that these pieces have been checked and re-checked for fit dozens of times! In this picture, you can see the mounting tabs that hold the rear seat cushions in place. Although you don’t really see them at eye level, I’m thinking of painting these tabs to match the carpet. It’ll certainly make me feel better!

Frank needed to move some stuff in his shop, so my seats needed to be moved for safe keeping. I’ve spent a lot of time on these front seats, and Frank did not want to get them damaged. We decided the safest place for these seats in the interim was in my car, so I mounted them in place. This was the closest I been to seeing the interior completed, and it’s really looking nice! The color combination between the dark carpets, and the beige leather is pleasing to the eye, and I can’t wait to see it all done!

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