Making Up for Lost Time

Making Up for Lost Time

It’s been two weeks since I had a chance to work on my Ferrari and I’ve been experiencing withdrawal, so once I got up to East Coast Trim’s shop, I got straight to work!

The first step was to glue the jute backing on some more carpeting. There are still  a couple of sections up front that still need binding sewn on, but the rear section are now all finished.

When I was fitting the sections of carpet below the rear seat cushions last time, I noticed how obvious the mounting tabs were against the brown carpeting. Since I had some brown paint matched the to the color of the carpet, I decided that it would be a nice touch to paint these tabs to match.

Even though these tabs will be under the seats and almost hidden away, they look way better than bare steel.

Speaking of the little details, I also took some of my brown paint and covered areas that may show between the carpet pieces. Since the carpeting is made up of many separate sections, some seams may have small gaps between them. Even though I carefully fitted each piece to fit, there are a couple of places that may show the metal underneath. Since my car was painted red, these gaps will really show up, so with the matching brown paint covering these sections it will be a lot less obvious.

With one armrest completed from last time, I went ahead and mounted it to the door panel. I’m coming very close to completing a door panel, but there always seems to be one more thing to do before I can mount the door panel for good!

There are two trim pieces that fit on the door. One is for the vent window, and the other is for the door release, but I couldn’t remember which one went where. One of them secures with screws, and the other is held in with tabs. Without internet access at Frank’s shop, I couldn’t look at pictures of other cars to confirm their correct placement, so I had to wait until next time to mount these pieces. The other problem is I may be missing the second trim piece that’s held together with screws. I could have sworn I’ve seen it kicking around somewhere, but right now, it can’t be found. Hopefully, it’ll turn up.

I still had one more armrest to recover, so I tried my best to finish it by the end of the day. The only part I have left is to cover a small trim piece with leather (top of the picture), and pop rivet in place, and it will be ready for the left door panel.

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