More Interior Finishing

More Interior Finishing

Work and child rearing has taken its toll on my Ferrari restoration! I refuse to give up, and neither should you, in seeing this to the end! There will be breaks of time between entries, but if I’ve made it this far in almost five years, I’m not going to give up now! Perhaps this is a test to see if I can persist even though many have failed before in trying to restore a car while keeping a family and a job. If I make it, I hope I can inspire some of you out there try it yourself!

Frank sewed the boot for my parking brake boot. It was one of those items that I had completely overlooked until it became apparently obvious in a nearly finished interior.

It finishes off the parking brake handle quite nicely.

Frank was on a roll with the sewing because he also completed the piping I needed for the door panels. This thin leather wrapped piping finishes off the edge of the door panels and was stapled in place.

I had to cut the leather in places as it went around the corners making sure not to pull the piping too tight so it would roll over the edge. I also had to constantly check the finished edge to make sure the piping was stapled snug with the panel.

Here’s the left door panel with the piping in place and installed on the car. Every time I mount these panels, I hope that it will be the last time!

The right door panel was installed as well. What’s left is to install the lens for the light in the rear of the pocket (they need polishing), and the vent window crank.

While working on the piping, Frank sewed some more for the rear seat back. This was slightly thicker piping to hide a larger gap between the seat back, and the rear panel.

Several months ago, the transmission cover was made, and I took it home for safe keeping. In any shop, it gets dusty, and anything that can be kept away from all the dust and dirt will be one less thing to clean when this project is completed. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring the cover back today for some final fitting, so it will have to wait until next time! The tunnel was fitted, and some snaps installed on the surrounding carpet. The center console will need to be screwed into place, but first I’ll have to find some screws to fit. The devil is in the details!

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