Dashboard IV

Dashboard IV

I glued the rest of dash pad and attached the instrument gauge hood to the rest of the dash. These pieces were pop riveted together after I made sure all the right places were covered, and aligned.

A thicker piece of piping was sewn by Frank to fit in between the two pieces. This piping follows the contour of the instrument gauge hood all the way around its circumference, and tucks neatly under the dash pad. Once I made sure all the pieces were fitting together nicely, I began pop riveting the dash pad to the painted portion of the dash.

After the bottom pieces that made up the knee pads were attached to the dash I was ready to put the whole dash assembly into the car. It was about an hour before I was going to quit for the day, but I decided to stop here. Getting the dash mounted in the car takes some careful maneuvering, and it was no time to do this tired. With a new interior completely installed, I couldn’t risk scratching something because I didn’t have my complete attention. Some people would accuse me of stalling the completion of my restoration, but I’m just being careful!

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