Gauge Orders

Gauge Orders

Here’s an update on the gauge faces I had remade a few weeks back. I sent Mike at D&M Restoration all the gauge blanks that were ordered, and he is waiting for those who paid for lenses to call him to begin work. Some of you are taking the old lenses out of your gauges and sending them to him, while some of you are going to have him print what he has in stock for a 250GTE. Mike would prefer to have your originals so he can make sure of the orientation of the lettering to the notches in the lens. Most of you are getting clocks done with all your gauges, and Mike needs to know which clock you have. Some have the adjuster that goes through the front of the gauge face, while others have the adjuster that comes out from behind the gauge face. He needs to know if he is driling a hole in you gauge face for the adjuster.

Whatever your particular case, PLEASE CALL MIKE to confirm your order. I have sent him a list of people who have placed orders for lenses, and he is waiting for you to contact him to proceed. If you have any problems, please e-mail me.

D&M Restoration
46 Grand Ave
Greenville, SC 29607

If you’re just tuning in, and want to get in on this gauge making thing, read this.

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