Return of the Mystery Ferrari Part

Return of the Mystery Ferrari Part

I didn’t get to work on the Ferrari this week. I try very hard to clear up my Fridays to work on the car, and my wife, believe it or not, tries hard to help me as well. Unfortunately, sometimes life conspires against us, and we have to compromise. The good thing is the compromise was that I got to spend the day watching my daughter, so it wasn’t exactly a hardship!

Ellie is now 7 1/2 months old, and melts her father’s heart with every smile. Parenthood is pretty crazy, with little sleep and triple the amount of work we’re used to, so my wife and I are pretty frazzled, but we wouldn’t give it up for anything! We’re savoring every minute, even if it means giving up a “Ferrari Friday!”

I hope to get a day in on the Ferrari during this week, so don’t worry, you’ll still get your fix! I’m trying to schedule time to install my front tie-rod ends at François’! Until then, I want to bring back an old favorite of this webstite: The Mystery Ferrari Part.

A fellow Ferrari owner brought a project car, and is in the process of sorting out all the pieces. He sent me some pictures of parts that he could not identify, and I’m going to need some help on some. This first one is easy, it’s the trunk floor pieces that drop down in the wheel wells.

The parts I’m having trouble with are in this picture.

Here’s another one I have no idea what it could be.

I actually got this one, and was pretty proud of myself! I have an unfair advantage however, because I’ve just recently had mine out of my car!

The top piece in this picture is goes in the front of the door by the hinges, and holds the interior light switch. The notch is for the door check strap, but I’m not sure where this bottom piece goes. Any ideas?

Finally. there is this piece. I doesn’t look like any of the panels I’ve seen on my car. Does it look familiar to you?

If you have any answers to these Mystery Ferrari Parts, send them in to the Vintage Ferrari Forum.

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