Finding Parts, Selling Parts

Finding Parts, Selling Parts

I start every week with intentions of working on my Ferrari, but with an 8 month old baby in the house, these priorities get restructured! Finding time to work on my car has been very hard this month, but I did manage to find some time to look for some more parts.

I drove out to Jerry Curtis’ old shop to look for some Ferrari parts. Owners who visit this website have sent me “wish lists” for their cars, and I take the opportunity to pick through the stash of parts that accumulated at this shop. Looking at many GTEs and 330 Americas, I noticed a trim strip was missing on my kick panels. I’m not exactly sure if mine had them originally, but I figured it was worth getting a set of these if I ever wanted to install them.

I bought the pair from two different cars, and I will put the panels, and the vent cover in my spare parts pile that is slowly building in my garage!

I had to buy this hood pad when I saw it at the shop knowing there is someone out there that needs one. It’s in pretty good shape with the original insulation still intact. The silver material is for 330s and I’ll sell it for offers around $175 if anyone’s interested. If no one wants it, I’ll put it on E-bay!

Speaking of parts, here’s a mystery part for you to guess what it is.

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