Getting More Lenses Cut

Getting More Lenses Cut

After getting the small gauge lenses laser cut, and helping many GTE and 330 America Owners get new ones made for their cars, I still hadn’t figured out how to get the larger Speedometer, and Tachometer lenses cut. Mike at D&M was still hand cutting these lenses, so they process was still pricey. Luckily, a fellow GTE owner took on the charge to find a cheaper alternative. Here’s what he found:

hello everyone this is my first post my name is Tom Farrell and I am cutting the new tach and speedo lenses. I am interested in how many people would be interested in them. I am going to place an order for the lenses that I cut them from and I am trying to keep the shipping cost down. I will be cutting the lenses and shipping them to mike at D&M package with the name of whom they belong. You will be paying me for the lenses and the cutting of the new shape $52.00 each. I will E-mail each person after I have shipped theirlenses to D&M. You will then pay D&M for the silkscreening work $40.00 each. I f you have any questions please E-mail me at Thanks Tom F 63 250 GTE s/n 4157

Here are the new lenses he had cut. I believe the originals come from an early model Corvette, and the centers of the lenses get milled out to match the Ferrari lens.

By going with these lenses Tom Farrell made, you’ll save at least $30-$50 bucks per lens, and the trouble Mike has cutting these lenses out by hand! Thanks Tom!

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