Driving MP3 I

Driving MP3 I

While I was driving my car last week, I recorded some audio of her on the road. (Click on the picture) I’ll have to find a better road to drive where you’ll hear more gear changes, but for now, it’ll do. Now I can play this file whenever I need to hear my car but can’t be near enough to drive it!

As I study the file, I notice I’m staying on the throttle a little long in between shifts, causing that short rev as I depress the clutch. I don’t usually do this on other cars I, but I think it’s just a matter of me getting used to the Ferrari’s controls. I also feel that I’m a little too close to the pedals, but that is a common issue with the Vintage Ferrari seating position. When the pedals are the right distance away, the steering wheel is too far, and when the steering wheel is the right distance, the pedals are too close. This problem forces people into the classic Vintage Ferrari seating position of either arms outstretched, or knees splayed.

Another thing I’ve been doing is taking my ring off when driving this car because it’s too easy to scratch the varnish on the steering wheel. After all that work restoring the wheel, it would be a shame to ruin it with all those scratches. That’s the story I plan to tell my wife why my wedding ring keep ending up in the ashtray of my Ferrari!

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