Gauges Complete!

Gauges Complete!

I get the Tachometer and Speedometer lenses back from D&M Restorations this week, and they look great. Quite a difference from the old fogged lenses on top!

To refresh you memory, these lenses have a special bevel that Mike at D&M found to be similar to a Corvette lens. For years, Mike was hand cutting these down for his customers, but a fellow Ferrari owner, Tom Farrell, offered to have these milled on a CNC machine. Once the coordinates were fed into a CNC machine, cutting these were a lot easier than doing them by hand.

I carefully reassembled everything trying my best to keep the dust out of the gauges. All the notches cut into the plastic lenses lined up perfectly, and I couldn’t be happier with the workmanship from both parties.

I tried to find old pictures of the large lenses to show as a comparison because I forgot to take a “Before” picture. The plastic ring with the numbers is not as noticeable as the smaller fogged lenses, but you can see how they are not clear.

In this shot, you can see how the small gauges are blacker than the black background behind the speedo and tach lenses.

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