Fuel, Overdrive, and Wiper Issues

Fuel, Overdrive, and Wiper Issues

I got some time to work on the car this weekend and the first thing I did was install some 3/8 inch rubber fuel hose to stop my fuel leaks once and for all! Although I probably now know the right procedure and sealant to use on the yellow hose so it won’t leak, I got very tired of chasing these fuel leaks while good driving weather approaches! I promise I will re-address this issue at a later date, but you have no idea how much a relief it was to fill my gas tank, and not have leaks from my fuel lines!

I also got a chance to fully test the overdrive, and got it to work reliably! My theory was probably correct in thinking a weak battery was not providing enough current to operate the solenoid. With a new battery installed, the overdrive engaged every time I flipped the switch!

Speaking of a fresh battery, I installed my new AGM battery that was made to look like a “tar-top” battery from the 60s. Although they make tar-top reproduction batteries, they also have the same reliability of this old technology. AGM stands for Absorbed Glass Mat, which is a relatively new technology where the acid and lead plates are encased and completely sealed inside the outer shell. Even though regular lead acid batteries are “sealed” they will still vent their acid from their caps, and certainly spill when tipped over. With a AGM battery, they can be stored in any position because their idea of sealed is truly sealed! The other nice thing about the one I got for the Ferrari is it is not red and resembles a 6-pack like the Optimas!  

I bought my battery from:
Jerry Sample
Batteries Plus
850 W Valley Ridge Blvd. #112
Lewisville, TX 75077

The good news is I cut deal with Jerry to save you all some money on both an AGM battery or a regular wet cell battery. They both look the same, but the AGM is the truly sealed battery. Here’s what Jerry’s willing to offer:

If you can just let everyone know where you purchased it and have them mention your web site we will sell them (AGM) for $320.00 ea, a $30.00 savings. The wet cell we will discount to $210.00 for your web viewers for a $20.00 savings.

There’s tax and shipping, but that’s the deal! Hope it helps!

Speaking of vendors, I got my wiper motor back from the rebuilders. It looks great, and we bench tested it at Joe Curto’s shop, so I know it works with a Lucas switch out of an XK-150. When I brought it up to my car, and installed it, nothing worked, even after I followed the Lucas wiring diagram. I can now confidently say my wiper motor switch is bad. Since Joe’s wiper motor switch operated the motor, I can look for a similar switch to replace the one in the Ferrari. Anyone have any good leads on NOS Jaguar parts? I would even take a slightly used Jaguar wiper motor switch! The Lucas number I’m looking for is:

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