Ferrari Wiper Switch

The Windshield Wiper Switch

I want to thank everyone for suggesting where to get a windshield wiper switch for my 330 America. After calling and e-mailing around to a couple of vendors, I found an NOS switch from SNG Barratt. This is a well known Jaguar supplier that was started in the UK, but has a distributor in New Hampshire. Graham took my order, and shipped me a NOS switch in two days. It wasn’t cheap at $170 bucks, but I closed my eyes and recited my credit card number over the phone. (What, you don’t have your credit card memorized by now?)

The morning after I ordered the switch, I woke up from a thought that popped into my head. “Would the threads on the Jaguar switch match the knurled nut that locked the old switch in place?” I of course did not have an answer to this question, so I laid in bed thinking how stupid it was to have such things wake me up!

When the switch arrived the next day, I saw a couple of modifications would be needed. The connectors were spade connectors, so I would have to change from the bullet connectors that are in the current harness. The shaft will also have to be cut down to the same length of the old switch. As far as whether the threads are the same, I’ll have to wait until I bring the switch to the car next week to check. Hopefully I won’t loose anymore sleep over this damn switch!

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