Scarsdale Concours ’05

Scarsdale Concours ’05

I sneaked out of work this past Sunday to attend the second annual 2005 Scarsdale Concours in Westchester County, NY. Unavoidable delays, and a busy work schedule, caused me to miss bringing my car there, but I managed to get to the event even though I could only stay for a few hours. The layout where the cars were parked in the center of town which was closed to traffic. The location is perfect for the cars, and I look forward to watching this event grow in the coming years.

One of the main reasons I wanted to bring my car was because Peter Kalikow’s 330 America was attending. This is a pretty well known car, as it has been featured several times in various publications, one of them being Cavallino. It would have been nice to have two 330 Americas of the 50 made parked together, but I missed out!

After going to many car shows, shiny cars, and nice interiors can start to all look the same, but this Miura caught my eye. I’ve always liked this shape, and this color screams from that psychedelic era.

What was even wilder was the interior color! Personally, I’m more reserved, but if you’re going to be bold, I’d say this is the way to go. It certainly works for a Lambo!

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