Wipe It Off the List

Wipe It off the List

I installed my new wiper motor switch this weekend, but it was not without some fiddling. After testing the switch in the car to make sure it would work, I had to modify the switch slightly for it to work for the Ferrari as it was originally for a Jaguar. The post for the knob was too long, and had to be cut down, which was quickly achieved with my Dremel tool and a cut off wheel.

My next task was to change the wiring harness in the car from round lug connections to spade connectors for the new switch. After this was done, and everything was installed, I turned the switch, and the newly reconditioned wiper motor whirred to life. I still haven’t figured out how to make the motor “self park” but I’m sure it has something to do with the knob on the top of the wiper motor. Other than that, THE WINDSHIELD WIPERS WORK! YEAH!

I buttoned everything up and celebrated with a drive. Ironically it was threatening to rain, so I hurried out in the car. As I guided the Ferrari through the back roads of my town, I savored another small victory in my restoration. I no longer have to worry about not having windshield wipers if it rains!

At almost 900 miles since the engine was rebuilt, I can feel things getting broken in. The engine is feeling looser, and is beginning to rev freer. The overdrive mechanism is shifting into gear every time, and I’m getting very comfortable with the transmission. On the highway, with the overdrive engaged, the engine seems happiest at around 80 mph. She’s turning about 3500 rpm, and needs to be going that fast for me to feel the power band. 70 mph or slower, the engine likes to be in fourth gear and out of overdrive. What this means is the Ferrari likes to go fast on the highway, and I will have to keep an eye out for the State Police!

A few years ago, I was trying my best to find a 330 America Badge for my car. Not all 50 330 Americas had these badges, but since the larger engine and this badge were the only differences between it, and her older sister, the 250 GTE, I wanted one! Since that time, I not only found one for my car, but also found a second one to use for copies! Black Bart now has reproductions available from an original badge (pictured in the foreground). If you are a 330 America owner, and need a badge, call Bart to secure one of the 9 left. Don’t forget to tell him you heard about them from me, so if we ever want to make something else, I can show him we have the interest.

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