Washing the Car, and Panels for a Lusso

Washing the Car, and Panels for a Lusso

I’m allowed one picture of my kid on this website every so often, and this one is actually pertinent to the Ferrari! At 17 months, I think it’s time to start training Ellie how to do some chores around the house. Besides, if she’s planning on owning this car someday, she might as well learn how to clean it! Her little fingers will work out great in cleaning all the grime between the spokes of the Borranis.

While I was at The Panel Shop last week, I took some pictures of the Lusso going through some major panel restoration. This car was so rusty that practically every panel midway down the body had to be made from scratch.

The rear section of this car is nearly completed with all new steel.

More fabricated panels ready for welding.

This is a shot looking forward standing under the driver’s seat. The oil pan is to the right, and slots for the pedal box are in the center of the picture. Both floor pans were completely gone and had to be fabricated, along with some of the frame supports like the I-beam like structure we see here. It’s obviously regained its strength as it now supports the front of the car on the lift.

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