Dino Dash I

Dino Dash I

I ordered a flexible shaft buffing tool for my grille which I’ll write about soon, but I’ve also been working on another Ferrari project. A fellow Ferrari owner owns a Dino that was converted from a Right-Hand-Drive to a Left-Hand-Drive, but doesn’t have a glove box door. Since the owner was in Montana without another Dino within hundreds of miles of him, I decided I could try to help him out. You may remember I took some pictures of a Dino at François’ shop back in January.

I first made a template of the glove box door, and mailed it to the owner. He checked it for fit to the hole in his dash, and confirmed it would fit to his car.

I then made a rough cardboard template to guide me on shaping the foam.

I glued some high density white foam together and fixed them to a sheet of 1/8 plywood. I then began to carve away the excess foam with a razor blade. As I got close to a rough shape, I stopped so I could do the rest with a power sander. I’ll have to find some time in my busy schedule to stop by East Coast Trim with this glove box door to do the sanding, but it’s a nice excuse to visit Frank’s shop!

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