Polishing the Grille

Polishing the Grille: Day IV

I set up my wet sanding table again, and continued the sanding that needs to be done on my grill pieces. If you think reading about this process is boring, you should try actually doing it! In truth, however, I really don’t mind. It’s been a couple of weeks since I had a chance to work on the Ferrari, so finding time to sit down for a couple of hours to sand the aluminum means I’ve finished all my yard work and familial duties. I often look back at the 6 years this project has taken, and I’m glad I’m started it well before my baby girl was born. If I had waited any longer, it would have been even harder with the time I now need to spend with my family!

A few months ago I was offered a helping hand by a fellow Ferrari owner when he offered to polish my grille for me. This was a pretty generous offer, but I declined. Sometimes when the tedium of sanding this grille really gets to me, I wonder why I didn’t take him up on his offer. Upon further thought (I have plenty of time to think while I’m wet sanding), I realize that I did so much of the work on this car with my own hands, that it makes owning this car even better. When I show off the interior of this car, I can proudly say I did the majority of the work, and the same will go for the grille. I may not have done all the metal forming, but I will certainly be able to claim I did the polishing!

Because I don’t know the next time I’ll get to work on the grille, I mark the pieces so I know where I left off. I wrote “600 wet” to designate these pieces were wet sanded to 600 grit sandpaper. The next grit for these pieces will be “1000 wet.”

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