Shaughnessy Part IV

Shaughnessy Part IV: The Final Stash

The final leg of the tour was Tom’s house which was a couple minutes from the ocean in a nice residential community. Parked in the driveway was this 410 Superamerica, Dino, and a project Lotus Élan he has promised to his son.

If any work was done on the 410, it was done with sympathy to it’s original condition. In other words, it has all the great patina of a nice old car.

With the dry southern California weather, this car can remain in this state forever.

The engine looks like it’s been worked on, and fired right up when Tom got behind the wheel to prove that he actually owns, and keeps, running cars.

Next to the driveway was a two car garage that Shaughnessy managed to fit four cars! The door will not open all the way until the bottom two cars are removed, and the top two are lowered!

The familiar shape of a Daytona is under the red cover, and I recognized the car next to it as a GTC. The top ones are a Europa and a 375 America, both of them are supposed to have one-off special bodies.

The last bit of Ferrari collectibles we saw at Tom’s house was in this bank safe. Squirreled away in here were more rare items that needed that extra bit of protection the other spaces didn’t provide!

As Yale and I left for L.A., we were left speechless with what we saw in San Clemente. Personally, I had more fun looking at all the dirty old Ferrari parts and wrecked cars than much of the time I spent looking at the shiny ones up in Monterey! The extra time we spent in California was well worth the effort, and I want to thank Tom Shaughnessy for taking the time after the grueling Monterey weekend to give us a tour. I hope you all enjoyed it as well!

The end of my trip to California was capped off by me driving the Avis rental car into the Alamo return lot at LAX! It’s a good thing I didn’t leave the keys in the car, and walk away. Needless to say, I was pretty tired, and happy to go home to get some sleep!

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