East Coast Party

10/4/05 East Coast Party

With the plans of my trip to Australia coming together, several East Coast Ferrari owners wanted to organize a get together before I leave. It will also be a great opportunity to get the East Coast Ferrari owners and enthusiasts together one last time before the winter. Since purchasing my house it’s been a dream to host a party, but with all the details in preparing for my trip, it has been too difficult to organize. Luckily, fellow 330 America owner, Michael Greenspan has offered his house to host the party! His house is located near Stratford, Connecticut off of Interstate 95. The date will be Sunday October 23rd, and all the people who visit this site are welcome. I will be bringing my 330 America whether the grille is complete or not, and other confirmed Ferraris are Yale’s Series I 330, and Art’s Series II 330, provided the weather is in our favor. Kerry Chesbro is also flying out from Seattle to join us for this party, so I hope you can find it in your schedule to stop by!

Event: East Coast party

Where: Michael Greenspan’s house
            Westbrook, CT

When: Sunday October 23rd, 2005
            12:00 Noon-

Why: Join us for one last time before winter, and to see Tom Yang’s Ferrari in the flesh!

 Directions  – are as follows
Going North on I-95 (From New York)
1: I-95 N Map
2: Take the CT-145 / HORSE HILL ROAD exit- EXIT 64. 0.2 miles Map
3: Turn LEFT onto CT-145 / HORSE HILL RD. 2.6 miles Map
4: Turn RIGHT onto CROSS RD. 0.4 miles Map
5: Turn RIGHT onto W POND MEADOW RD. 0.2 miles Map
6: Turn LEFT onto DENNISON RD. 0.7 miles Map
 7: Turn LEFT onto WRIGHTS POND RD. <0.1 miles Map
8: End at 60 Wrights Pond Rd
Westbrook, CT 06498-1458, US
Going South (from Rhode Island)
1: I-95 S towards NEW HAVEN. Map
2: Merge onto CT-9 N / CHESTER BOWLES HWY via EXIT 69 toward ESSEX / HARTFORD. 3.4 miles Map
3: Take the CT-154 exit- EXIT 3- toward CT-153 / ESSEX / CENTERBROOK. 0.1 miles Map
4: Turn LEFT onto MIDDLESEX TURNPIKE / CT-154. Continue to follow CT-154. 0.8 miles Map
5: CT-154 becomes MAIN ST. 2.1 miles Map
6: MAIN ST becomes POND MEADOW RD. 1.7 miles Map
7: Turn RIGHT
Coming From Hartford
1: I-91 S toward NEW HAVEN / N. Y. CITY. Map
2: Merge onto CT-9 S via EXIT 22S on the LEFT toward MIDDLETOWN / OLD SAYBROOK. 22.5 miles Map
3: Take the CT-80 exit- EXIT 5- toward DEEP RIVER / KILLINGWORTH. 0.2 miles Map
4: Turn RIGHT onto CT-80 / W ELM ST. 1.1 miles Map
5: Turn LEFT onto WARSAW ST. 1.2 miles Map
6: WARSAW ST becomes N MAIN ST. 0.6 miles Map
7: Turn SHARP RIGHT onto MAIN ST. 0.8 miles Map
8: MAIN ST becomes POND MEADOW RD. 1.7 miles Map
9: Turn RIGHT

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