Sydney Ferrari Owner

Sydney Ferrari Owner

sydney ferrari

I was invited to our first Sydney barbecue by a local Ferrari owner. Greg contacted me early on when I first started planning this trip to Australia, and has been a great help in some of the details of our trip. He and his family took some time out from their holiday plans to invite my family out to his house for some grilled steak and lobsters. As nice as it was for our families to get together, secretly it was really for me and Greg to talk cars and see his collection!

Just a short drive north of the Harbour Bridge Greg found a home where he could raise his family, and house his two Ferraris. Sydneysider car nuts have the same dilemma as I had when I lived in NYC, trying to find space to keep our cars. Greg managed to find a solution.
dino drive

Greg took the opportunity to take me out for a drive around his neighborhood, so we took the Dino down by the Harbour. Every time I ride in a Dino, I’m reminded how great they are. They make all the right sounds and have all the right looks of an Italian sports car.  You don’t need to know your cars to know that something special just drove by.

The next ride was in something a little less tame. Greg’s 365 BB is another fine example of the Prancing Horse. These early Boxers are great with the raw power fed from carburetors and exiting from two sets of three exhaust pipes. It was a great contrast to fire up the Boxer after riding in the Dino because when that flat 12 fired up, it was time to hide the kids!
boxer view

We took the car out for a short loop through the center of the suburban town with Greg trying his best to hold back the power of this car. Even with so much potential pushing at our backs, however, this car seemed very docile around the local streets.

It was a wonderful day to spend having our first Australian Barbecue, and a ride in my first Australian owned Ferrari! Thanks Greg!

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