The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road: Lorne and Apollo Bay
great ocean road

The Great Ocean Road is a stretch of two lane ocean highway that is supposed to have some of the most spectacular sights in Australia. You hear about something having “the most spectacular sights in Australia” quite often, but when more than several people mention the same thing, we feel compelled to check it out for ourselves. We didn’t really have a plan to go to Adelaide a couple of weeks ago, but now with The Great Ocean Road paving the way to Adelaide, we’ve changed our plans.
camp 1

Inevitably it seems whenever we drive from place to place or plan to tent camp, it rains. When we left on the next leg of our journey to camp off the Great Ocean Road between Melbourne and Adelaide, it was raining. Hoping the rain would stop, we camped in Great Otway National Part outside of Lorne. As we set up camp, it was dry and clearing so we drove back down the dirt road to town to get something to eat, and take an evening beach walk.
tidal pool

Some of Lorne’s Beaches are great for surfing, but the one we walked had many rock formations on the surf.

The sandstone took on some very interesting shapes, and we inspected all the wildlife growing in the numerous tidal pools. These balls are a softer rock than the sandstone surrounding them, so they must errode away faster, forming the spherical shapes in the rock.

When we got back to the campsite it began to rain. The only redeeming thing to being in the wet woods was we spotted a koala in the trees right across from camp. Seeing one in the wild was a lot more satisfying than seeing one in a Zoo, so I guess camping was worth it.

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