The Pitstop Book Shop

The Pitstop Bookshop
pitstop bookshop

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit Andrew at work on my last day in Perth. The Pitstop Bookshop is located in the city center, and it is a popular stop off for any auto enthusiast in West Australia. It is perhaps the only shop in all of Australia dedicated to automotive books.
pit stop book shop

Browsing through the 3000 sq/ft bookshop, I was tempted to buy many titles. The book business has shifted largely to mail order, E-bay, and internet sales, but it was so refreshing to have a place to hold actual car books in my hands. The shop is owned and run by automotive enthusiasts, so the collection is the envy of any car guy. The advantage and maybe problem for Andrew is he gets to buy some of the rare collector books that occasionally come on the market. I carefully paged through a couple of these beautifully printed editions, and let Andrew put them back in their protective sleeves.

As we left Perth I didn’t want to forget to thank Kelly, Andrew, Eileen, and Hugh for making our stay in Perth so welcoming. Thanks everyone!

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