The Aquarium of West Australia

Aquarium of West Australia

Although most of our tour through Western Australia will be to the south of Perth, we had to head 20 minutes north to see the Aquarium of West Australia. My daughter loves to see fish and thinks everything is either “Nemo,” or “Dorie,” from the animated movie “Finding Nemo,” so we’ve been trying to go to every aquarium worth seeing. AQWA was one we couldn’t miss.

This aquarium features all the different regions of sea life found in Western Australia. WA’s coral reef might not be as famous as the Great Barrier Reef on the north east coast of Australia, but it’s still impressive. With less people living near the shore, many of these reefs are left untouched and unexplored.

AQWA also boasts in having one of the longest plexi tube viewing tanks in Australia. There is one in Sydney, but this one is definitely longer. It’s fantastic to stand underneath a huge ray or 8 foot shark as it glides by overhead.

The touch pool was my daughter’s favorite place even though she barely touched any of the sea life swimming by. I think she just enjoyed getting all wet!

About a month ago I asked everyone to identify the bone of a cuttlefish when I kept finding these white things on the beach in Australia. At AQWA, I met the owner of one of these bones in person. It sized me up with its large eye, and seemed to know I’ve been finding the remains of its relatives.

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