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MG Australian Meet
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While we were staying Launceston, Tasmania, I noticed all sorts of MGs driving in the area. I discovered the Australian MG club was holding their national meet in Launceston that weekend. It seems that every time an event like this is held, we’ve either just missed it or it will happen the week after we’ve left, so I was happy to be in Launceston for the MG show.
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Launceston was a great place to hold a meeting like this as the scenery was nice, and the roads in the area was perfect for touring little English cars. Everything from T series cars to modern MGs were present at the show, but I was drawn to this MGGT V-8. It was obvious the owner completed a ground up restoration on this car, and it was perfect.
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All the details were met with meticulous accuracy, and I was impressed with the restoration.

There were a number of “drivers” present at the show as well, and I loved seeing the TCs, and TDs driving about town. Packing for a weekend in one of these cars must make for a challenge as they make the MGBs look roomy!

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